What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

COVID-19 is a respiratory tract infection belonging to a family of viruses called coronaviruses. These infections can be mild (typical common cold) and others can be lethal (SARS, MERS and COVID-19).

COVID-19 – the virus originating from Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, in late 2019, has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). With no vaccine available, a relatively high mortality rate (particularly in the elderly), and a proven ability to spread rapidly and aggressively, COVID-19 is considered a very dangerous disease.

How does COVID-19 spread?

The primary ways COVID-19 can spread and be contracted are through: physical or close contact with an infectious person, inhalation of the virus in a contaminated environment, and touching contaminated objects and/or surfaces.

How can I protect myself and my family against COVID-19?

While governments and organizations are taking reactive and proactive measures to slow down the spread and minimize the impacts, there are ways each and every person can do their part to help prevent its spread. The most basic and important way is by being considerate of others and practicing basic personal hygiene; including, but not limited to:

  • Washing hands frequently and before and after eating and visiting the restroom;
  • Covering your mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing;
  • Maintaining a safe distance from others (social distancing);
  • If sick, or in doubt, avoiding contact with others (self-quarantining);
  • Correctly disposing of tissues and sanitary items;
  • Wiping public surfaces down after use;
  • Wearing adequate mouth (N95 or similar filtration masks) and eye protection (safety glasses);
  • Sanitizing frequently used spaces (desks, benches, etc.) and objects (phone, keyboard, steering wheel, etc.); and
  • If unwell or symptomatic, testing for COVID-19 contraction.

What else can I do?

While many of the basic personal hygiene practices such as washing hands, covering your mouth or nose, and avoiding contact with others go a long way and do not require additional and/or special resources, other practices do.  Some of these practices are sanitizing spaces and objects and if required, testing for COVID-19.

For sanitizing surfaces and objects and testing for COVID-19, we have developed cutting-edge products to meet these needs:

  • Coronavirus Rapid Home Test Kit – Whole BloodTM MK II is a single use test kit for rapid detection of COVID-19. The test kit is designed to be used at home with complete privacy and discretion. With the prick of a fingertip and a small drop of blood, results are available in 7 minutes with accuracy exceeding 98%. Click here for more information.
  • 7X Nano Silver Hand & Surface SanitizerTM is an ultra-strength hand and surface sanitizer designed for use on hands, surfaces and objects. Formulated with proprietary 8nm 100ppm nano silver, the extra-strength nano spray is designed to be a potent sanitizer void of toxic and harmful chemicals. Click here for more information.

Is there anything else I can still do?

At this stage, no. Follow basic personal hygiene practices, invest in COVID-19 test kits for you and your family, and ensure surfaces and objects you frequently use are thoroughly sanitized with nano silver.

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